Dialogue Between a Buddhist Monk
and a Psychotherapist:

Healing our Body, Mind, Spirit, and Planet

Zoom Meeting
Saturday, May 9th and Sunday May 10th, 2020 Pacific Daylight Time
Suggested donation after registration $10 per day (if you are able).
All donations raised at this event are intended to help Phakyab Rinpoche 
to encourage and enable the well-being and the development of the people facing sufferings of all types. 

Saturday May 9th

1st Session

Saturday May 9th

2nd Session

Sunday May 10th

Shamatha Meditation

Ven Phakyab Rinpoche and psychotherapist Alexandra Kennedy MA LMFT are coming together on Zoom for a transformative weekend in May to explore how we can heal ourselves and our planet in a time of coronavirus and climate change. The weekend will end with a powerful Shamatha meditation, a guided healing journey that transforms pain & suffering, removes obstacles, and generates peace for all sentient beings.

Phakyab Rinpoche

Phakyab Rinpoche is a renouned Buddhist scholar, practitioner, and healer. He was born in Kham, Tibet in 1966, ordained at the age of thirteen, and began his monastic training at Ashi Monastery. After Leaving Tibet, he entered Sera Mey Monastery in southern India, where he as tutored by Ven. Khenpo Lobsand Jamyang and Ven. Khensur Tinle Topgye.

Reference book; "Meditation Saved My Life"
A Tibetan Lama and the Healing Power of the Mind
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Suggested donation after registration $10 per day (if you are able).

By these blessings, may all beings be protected from illness, negativity and misfortune.

Alexandra Kennedy

Alexandra Kennedy, MA LMFT is a psychotherapist in private practice (45+ years) and author of Honoring Grief: Creating a Space to Let Yourself Heal, Losing a Parent, The Infinite Thread: Healing Relationships Beyond Loss, and How Did I Miss All This Before? Waking Up to the Magic of Our Ordinary Lives. She was an adjunct faculty member of John F Kennedy University (seventeen years), a faculty member of University of California Santa Cruz Extension for twelve years and at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology for eleven years.

Reference book; Honoring Grief
Creating a Space to Let Yourself Heal

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