Cultural and Educational Programs

The Foundation is currently developing a series of programs that integrate Buddhism and psychotherapy to promote understanding of the mind-body connection and facilitate healing.

From its conception, the Foundation has worked to honor Mrs. Park’s legacy by developing cultural and educational programs that promote the study of human consciousness, support holistic healing of mind and body and enhance dialogue between the physical and human sciences and the ancient wisdom traditions of the world.

The Foundation has used various methods to further the work of Helen and Theos through the science of psychotherapy, book studies and programs to promote consciousness and healing. 

The Foundation supports and sponsors programs to promote awareness and help
preserve the rich cultural and spiritual traditions of Tibet.

Since 2008, the Foundation has supported the teachings of Tibetan Lama Phakyab Rinpoche who, after escaping from prison in Tibet, met His Holiness the Dalai Lama in India. HH
Dalai Lama sent him to the USA where he ended up in a
Manhattan hospital with life-threatening illnesses that included a gangrenous infection in his right ankle that doctors insisted
would have to be amputated. Having contacted the Dalai Lama, Rinpoche was given an answer to his question of whether or not to amputate his foot: use the unconventional cure of meditation.

After three years of practice, Rinpoche cured himself completely. He now travels the world teaching and sharing with
others about the healing power of the mind and how meditation saved his life.


The Healing Buddha Foundation was created by Phakyab Rinpoche, founder and spiritual director, with the Mission to encourage and enable the well-being and the development of the people facing sufferings of all types.

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