Cultural and Educational Programs

pr picPhakyab Rinpoche:

Palden Lhamo Empowerment and Teachings

Palden Lhamo is the principal protectoress of Tibet, and the female figure of the eight guardians of the Dharma.  Palden Lhamo is often depicted as deep blue in color with red hair, symbolizing her wrathful nature, as she crosses a sea of blood riding side saddle on a while mule.  In this teaching Rinpoche will lecture on how to remove negativity from one’s self and others, and help to cultivate or potential to be open to receiving the blessing from this profound deity.

  • Pre-registration recommended:  Call (305) 504-1320
  • For further information, please call (305) 504-1320
  • Suggested donation:
    Individual Day:  $85
  • Friday night:  $35

Download and Print the Flyer Below:

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